Feeling self-conscious about your spider veins?

Then Sclerotherapy treatment is the answer for you.

It’s a quick, non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of spider and some varicose veins.

If it’s your first time, here’s what to expect before and after your treatment.

What to do Before Sclerotherapy Treatment

Here are some things that you should avoid to ensure you don’t have any issues during sclerotherapy treatment.

  • Pause intake of Vitamin E or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or aspirin for at least 1 week before treatment.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Do not apply any lotion to your legs before treatment.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or nicotine.

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What to do After Sclerotherapy Treatment

The recovery from sclerotherapy has little downtime and the following instruction will ensure a smooth recovery.

  • Avoid sports or exercise for at least 10 days after your treatment.
  • Wear compression stockings for 5 days or as advised by your doctor.
  • Avoid warm baths, sunbathing, hot tubs, and saunas for at least 2-3 days after your treatment as heat causes blood vessels to dilate.
  • Schedule a follow-up treatment in 4-6 weeks after your procedure. You probably won’t see the decrease of all of the spider veins in one session. Most people need 2-3 sessions or more to achieve their desired results.

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Vein-Free Legs: Guaranteed

It’s very important to follow all post-treatment instructions so you can lower your risk of developing any side effects from the treatment. While these are rare, they can include mild cramping, scarring, and even temporary browning of the skin.

For the safest and most satisfactory results, you should always follow your vein specialists’ pre and post-treatment instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your vein doctor.



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