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When it’s hot outside and you dread the look of your veiny legs, it can be frustrating to decide what to wear.

If you have varicose veins, it can be hard to wear clothes like shorts when it’s warm outside. But there are some stylish clothing tips that will make you feel good about yourself and look good too.

Maxi Dress

These dresses come in a variety of styles and patterns and are suitable for day or night. The hemlines are low and flowy which helps keep you cool during the summer. Pair it with flip flops for a casual day look or dress it up with some heeled sandals for a night out on the town!


If shorts are not an option, try some light-colored leggings. They can be good to wear on days when you staying inside. But if you go out, stay away from black leggings because they will absorb heat and make your veins feel worse.

Wide-legged Pants

If you prefer wearing pants over dresses and skirts, try some wide-legged pants. These pants are made out of light fabric, like linen. So they’re great in the summer because they are not as hot and heavy as jeans.

Long Skirts

Skirts are a popular choice when it comes to covering up your legs. You can find a variety of flowy skirts that are lightweight and comfortable to wear when it’s hot out. Plus you can mix and match, making them a perfect staple in your closet.

Colors & Fabrics

When it comes to your summer wardrobe choices, color, and type of fabric is important. Heavy fabrics and dark colors will make you hot and uncomfortable after a few minutes outside. Choose light colors like white, soft pinks, and blues. Aim light, breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, and jersey.

Wear Your Favorite Shorts Again

Warmer temperatures cause your veins to widen and more blood flows to the surface of the skin. This is not ideal for those that suffer from varicose veins. So wearing light clothes with lots of airflows offered comfort from the heat without showing your legs completely.

If you want to take your shorts out of the back of your closet and be confident about your legs again, talk to a vein specialist. They can give you treatment that will make them look and feel better.

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