Can Varicose Veins Come Back After Treatment?

can varicose veins come back after treatment?
There are lots of reasons why you might seek treatment for varicose veins. Often times it’s because you’re self-conscious of their appearance. But others experience painful symptoms like heaviness, itching, burning, swelling, and discoloration.
Luckily, a vein specialist offers a variety of treatments for your vein condition, cosmetic or health-related. But what does it really take to get rid of your veins for good? And can your varicose veins come back?

How Varicose Vein Treatment Works

Varicose vein treatments are not a one-size-fits-all process. It usually involves non-invasive procedures like sclerotherapy, micro-phlebectomy, or ablations.
Each patient has individual health needs and risk factors. One single treatment method may not be enough to achieve the results you want. There’s even a possibility that your varicose veins may return after treatment.

Why Varicose Veins Come Back After Treatment

The likelihood of your varicose veins returning after treatment depends on several factors:
  • What caused your varicose veins to develop in the first place
  • Which method(s) of treatment was performed
  • The underlying factor of your vein disease like obesity or genetics
If your varicose veins do reappear, more treatments may be advised. Regardless of why your varicose veins return, it’s important to get treatment. Don’t you want to avoid pain, discomfort, and other serious health conditions in the future?

How to Prevent Varicose Veins from Coming Back

Varicose vein treatments are highly effective, but that doesn’t mean your veins are gone for good. If you experience risk factors like genetics, obesity, or pregnancy, you might develop varicose veins in a new spot after vein treatment. You can help prevent the reoccurrence of varicose veins by:
  • Losing excess weight
  • Exercising daily 
  • Moving around frequently throughout the day
  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Avoiding prolonged periods of standing or sitting
  • Managing underlying health conditions
  • Wearing compression socks

can varicose veins come back after treatment?

No treatment ensures you won’t experience the recurrence of new varicose veins. But, you can improve your vein health by scheduling an appointment with a vein specialist to ensure the best possible outcome.

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