What Is Vein Ablation Treatment?

Varicose veins are treated by ablating or evaporating the vein. Vein ablation treatment is minimally invasive and has little to no downtime for recovery. Most people are able to continue normal daily activities within 24 hours of the procedure.

Is Vein Ablation Painful?

There may be some discomfort. Using conscious sedation can help ease discomfort during the procedure. We use Nitrous oxide during the procedure to help reduce any pain. Because nitrous oxide expels quickly from the body, patients are able to drive themselves home.

Is Vein Ablation Safe?

The vein ablation procedure is generally safe and free of risks. Compared to vein stripping, vein ablation is a more effective treatment. It is less painful and has fewer complications during the recovery period.

How Does Vein Ablation Work?

The vein ablation procedure involved a sterile catheter, which is a tiny tube, that is inserted into the faulty vein through a small skin puncture. Radio-frequency is used to controlled energy and disrupt the walls of the vein. The vein will collapse and eventually will be absorbed by the body.

How Long Does Vein Ablation Procedure Last?

A vein ablation procedure can take about 45 minutes. You may need several veins treated, which takes several weeks. Insurance companies have their own guidelines on how long patients need to wait between procedures. We follow these rules to ensure the procedures will be covered.

What To Expect After Vein Ablation?

The recovery after a vein ablation procedure will vary for each person. For most patients, the bruising and discomfort subside after a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication is usually enough to help cut the discomfort. Warm moist heat on the area of the leg that was treated will also help.

What are the Side Effects After Vein Ablation Treatment?

Vein ablation complications are usually minimal. The most common issues following treatment include:

  • bruising
  • brown
  • staining of the skin
  • nerve numbness
  • inflammation
  • bleeding around the treated site

These symptoms usually subside within a few days to a couple of weeks. There may be instances where the brown staining and nerve numbness may take months to heal, but they do get better with time.

How Long Does Vein Ablation Recovery Last?

The recovery time for radio-frequency ablation treatment is fairly short with few complications. Treated veins usually become less visible right after treatment. It can take up to 12 months for them to completely disappear.

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