Delaware vein center mascot contemplates if he should see a vein specialistAre you wondering when it’s time to see a doctor about your veins? While early symptoms of vein disease may not look urgent or feel painful, remember that your veins play an important role. They move blood and transport nutrients throughout your entire body. 

If your veins don’t work right, your body is in serious trouble. So let’s avoid those problems before they get worse! Before seeing a vein specialist, you want to know the status of your health. This can be done by scheduling a vein screening, doing a self-assessment, or getting an ultrasound

Book a Vein Screening

A vein screening is an educational consultation about vein health and disease. During a screening, a vascular technician will ask you questions related to your veins, health, and any issues. It will give an accurate idea of why you are experiencing problems and guide you in choosing the best treatment option for your specific needs.

Do a Vein Health Self-Assessment 

Ask yourself these questions to help you determine if you have vein disease: 

  1. Have you ever suffered from spider or varicose veins?
  2. Have you had a stroke, heart attack or other pulmonary issues? 
  3. Has anyone in your family suffered from vein disease, spider, or varicose veins? 
  4. Do you sit or stand for long periods of time? 
  5. Have you experienced any of the following: 
    • Swelling or throbbing 
    • heavy leg
    •  skin discoloration
    •  itchy or burning legs
    • cramping or aching
    • difficulty moving

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, it’s time to see a doctor. Your symptoms could be related to venous insufficiency–a condition when the valves in your legs are not working properly.

Get Tested for Vein DiseaseSeeing a vein specialist in delaware for your vein issues

Once you’ve decided it’s time to see a doctor, call your nearest vein specialist to schedule an ultrasound. This test will help your physician detect the underlying source of your vein issues. 

The procedure, known as duplex ultrasound, involves harmless sound waves used to create an image of the veins and evaluate the blood flow through them. The veins are evaluated and the patient is informed of any present vein disease. This procedure does not require any special preparation and involves no discomfort, anesthesia or downtime.


The questionnaire and Ultrasound helps physicians take preventative measures for patients who may be at risk of developing blood clots and other life-threatening conditions. From there, you’ll book a consultation with a vein specialist to discuss procedure options. Don’t play the guessing game, schedule an appointment to take the first steps to healthier veins. 


At Delaware Advanced Vein Center, our medical staff has years of experience helping people with their spider and varicose veins. We would love to welcome you to our family of satisfied patients. 

Contact us today to schedule a free virtual consultation and vein evaluation.

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