5 Style Tips for How to Hide Varicose Veins in the Summer

When the scorching sun turns up the heat, the struggle of choosing an outfit to cover up your veiny legs reaches a whole new level of frustration. You yearn to flaunt shorts and skirts like your effortlessly stylish friends. But the fear of unveiling your varicose veins becomes a real poolside nightmare.


Having varicose veins probably means you have mixed feelings about summer. Because as the temperature rises, so does the anxiety of baring your legs. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish clothing options to make you feel more confident about creating a warm weather wardrobe that works around your varicose veins.


Maxi Dress


When you wear a maxi dress, the last thing anyone will be thinking about is your varicose veins. They’ll be too busy asking you where you got such a fun, sophisticated frock! Maxi dresses come in all kinds of lightweight fabrics. And the hemlines are low and flowy, helping you keep cool during the summer.


J Crew                                             Free People                                               Gap  


Whether conquering the office, making waves at a pool party, or channeling beachy vibes over a swimsuit, the slightly dressy maxi look has got you covered – literally and figuratively! They come in a myriad of styles and patterns suitable for day or night. Try a printed cotton maxi paired with flip flops and a denim jacket for the perfect casual day look. Or a solid-colored maxi in a flowy fabric with heels for a night out on the town.




If you’re not ready to rock shorts again, some light-colored leggings may be your best bet. They’re perfect for pairing under summer dresses. And they’re a reliable companion on days when you’re staying inside. Plus they can easily transform into the perfect gym attire, ensuring seamless style from lounging to lunging.

Leggings to hide varicose veinsNordstrom                                       Amazon                                                Target


Bad news for those of us who love a classic pair of fitted black leggings. This dark hue isn’t the most ideal for summertime wear. Black absorbs heat easily, which will only make your veins feel worse. And if your leggings are too tight, they may put unwanted pressure on your veins. So embrace thinner fabrics and playful pastel hues, shielding your veins from the scorching sun’s wrath.


Long Skirts


Floor-length skirts are a popular choice for a reason: they exude femininity, boast fashion-forward appeal, and effortlessly complement a variety of pieces within your existing wardrobe. Embrace a bohemian vibe by opting for a printed maxi, paired harmoniously with sandals. Or achieve a stylishly refined look with a solid-colored skirt alongside leather booties.


     ASOS                                                   Walmart                                            JC Penney


When you step into the enchanting realm of floor-length skirts, a plethora of flowy and lightweight options awaits, ensuring your utmost comfort during scorching days. These versatile beauties pave the way for seamless mixing and matching, allowing you to curate an ensemble for any occasion or season.


Wide-legged Pants


If dresses and skirts don’t quite tickle your fashion fancy, fear not! Wide-legged pants can inject sophistication into any ensemble. They add a touch of class when paired with a t-shirt or casual blouse. And when the occasion demands some extra pizzazz, you can dress them up with a sparkly halter top and heels.


   Ann Taylor                                                     Bloomingdales                                       Macy’s


Discover the wonders of wide-legged pants crafted from featherlight fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, or lyocell. These gems not only exude an air of sophistication. They also possess the ability to make you appear as polished as a pair of slacks or jeans, minus the burden of extra weight. And when the crisp breeze of fall rolls in, these versatile beauties can be artfully layered to keep you snug and stylish.




Jumpsuits are the ideal summer essential for retro fashion enthusiasts. Discover the exquisite balance between maxi dresses and trousers, enabling unparalleled leg mobility infused with a touch of refined sophistication.


Jumpsuits to hide varicose veinsAnthropologie                              Banana Republic                                           H&M


Though jumpsuits keep your legs out of sight, you have the option to choose a torso that’s less covered up. Whether you go for short sleeves, spaghetti straps, a daring low back, or a playful cutout, rest assured, you’ll look amazing. Balancing modesty below the waist while exuding a cheeky and free-spirited vibe above, the world is your fashion playground!


Best Colors and Fabrics for Summer


Warmer temperatures cause your veins to widen, allowing more blood to flow to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, this can be less than ideal for individuals suffering from varicose veins. To combat this, opt for lightweight fabrics that offer ample breathability, providing comfort from the heat without revealing your legs entirely.


When it comes to selecting your summer wardrobe, both color and fabric type hold significant importance. Dark colors and heavy fabrics such as denim, flannel, or wool are bound to leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable within mere minutes of stepping outside. Light colors like white, soft pinks, and blues help deflect the sun’s scorching rays. Additionally, light and breathable materials like cotton, silk, and jersey ensure optimal ventilation and freedom of movement.


Wear Your Favorite Shorts Again!


All of these leg-concealing fashions are great for covering your varicose veins in high temperatures. But nothing beats wearing shorts in the peak of summer. So if it’s your mission to feel confident about showing your legs again, it’s time to take action and finally get the treatment you need.


Talk to a vein specialist about your options for removing those unwanted varicose veins and soon! The quicker it’s done, the more time you have to recover and get back to enjoying those carefree summer days.

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